We all(most of us) are fans of python programming due to the ease of development efforts we need to put with this programming language.

Apache Beam is an SDK to develop a data processing pipeline for batch and streaming data. Now when it comes to the practical use of Apache beam SDK in the real world, we often encounter the limitation or feature supported by Apache beam SDK to process a certain type of source using in-built connectors.

The Apache Beam SDK for python only supports a limited database connectors Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Bigtable (Write), MongoDB

In a modern data system, It is hard to assume that all of your data will be available in a single database/data warehouse so that you can query efficiently and generate more insights from the data.

In a typical scenario, data is located in different system before we build some highly manageable , hight faulty data pipeline to ingest them into a common place like BigQuery or Redshift or Snowflake for analysis.

and Sometimes it results in more technical overhead to build and manage these pipeline itself. Even if you automated/orchestrated these pipeline, you end up employing another tool like…

When designing your cloud run services, you should always consider following points

  1. How to run same service in multiple region for multi-regional support
  2. You should think about securing cloud run service with authentication support so that only authenticated users can invoke your cloud run service

Both of these features are well documented on Google cloud documentation and can be just implemented by following Google cloud documentation.

But we should remember following points

  1. When using Authenticated Cloud run either as (PubSub push url where we configure audience, although this is optional) , JWT audience for Cloud Run (and GCF) bound ID…

This article lists steps for how to create Dynamic BGP enabled VPN tunnel between AWS and GCP

Yes, you read it right!

I have got my 4th Certificate Google Cloud Developer and 5th Certificate Google Cloud Network Engineer each in 1 week again.

I was able to clear all 3 Google Cloud certifications in 3 weeks. In this post, I will be sharing the resources and my approach to help you prepare for GCP certifications.

A bit about me:

I am a Python+Django developer with hands-on experience of Python-based scripting and Google Cloud Platform working with MediaAgility. I have worked on designing and developing projects to production scale from scratch. At MediaAgility, I am in the Machine…

Yes ,

You read it correct. It is entirely possible and it is simpler than you think.

As many of mongodb people out there will advocate to to prefer to use _id (this is alphanumeric and guaranteed to be unique across machine as well) but software engineers like me find them-self in a situation to use auto increment integers or integer sequence types. One use case of this is to use Numeric Order Id that is auto-increment when ever I insert a new document(row) in collection(table).

So how I was able to solve this problem is below:

The key to…

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